Note: If the controls aren't working or the window starts scrolling, press the full screen button!

Starbreakers is a two player action strategy game of galactic conquest! Capture and hold over half the galaxy to win!

  • Loop your ship around a star to control it.
  • Control adjacent stars to draw a link between them.
  • Once you form a triangle, you capture a territory!
  • Shoot at your opponent's stars to break their territories!
  • Shoot or push the asteroid to move it around. Try to fling it towards your opponent's stars!

XBox 360 Controller Layout:

  • Movement - Left Stick
  • Shoot - A button or tilt Right Stick
  • Boost - Right Trigger

Keyboard Controls:


  • Movement - WSAD.
  • Shoot - G or Spacebar
  • Boost - H or Left Shift


  • Movement - Arrow keys.
  • Shoot - Numpad 0 or Enter
  • Boost - Numpad . or Right Shift


Download 47 MB