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You are the train conductor of a maple syrup shipping company. Can you beat the clock and bring the maple syrup safely to your destination?
Red Leaf Express is a train simulator app. The objective is to reach the destination platform within the time limit. Be careful, though -- every time the train hits an obstacle, the train loses health. We used the Rail Occurrence Data from 2004 to Present to randomly generate obstacles that appear on the rail.
We do not provide a database dump, as we are using summary data that are hard-coded into the source code. The summary data are in DisasterSpawner.cs, under "probAll" variable.
- To accelerate: go up to blue panel and press space bar
- To brake: go up to red handle and press space bar, OR right click
- To remove obstacles: left click on them. This spends energy.
- To move around the train engine, use WASD
Upper left:
- Health bar: health of train
- Timer: time remaining in stage
- Speedometer: current speed
Upper middle:
- Progress towards destination
Upper right:
- Energy Bar: amount of energy left for removing obstacles
- COLLISION IMMINENT WARNING(when nearing impact)